Bean Salsa with Shrimp

Every once in awhile a recipe reaches out and grabs us.  The motto for this great find is:  you can’t eat just one.  Tami introduced us to this and we are forever grateful.  The edamame,  shrimp, and advocado make us feel like we are being healthy.  Tortilla chips dipped in this great salsa make us not care! 


¼ C frozen edamame

1 ½  C chopped cooked shrimp

 ½ C cannelloni beans(rinsed & drained)

  ½ C Avocado

1 C halved cherry tomatoes

 ½ C red onion minced

 2 T minced Jalapenos

1/3 C chopped cilantro

juice from ½ lime

1 ½ t olive oil

 salt to taste

Directions:  Cook edamame to thaw.  Combine first 7 ingredients.  Then mix
together remaining-cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, and salt with a whisk. 
Drizzle over edamame mixture, toss gently to combine.  Makes approx 5 cups.   Serve with chips. (If I
have leftovers  combine it with my favorite lettuce or spring mix for a salad)

What do you think?