Kick Ass Queso

So our Mom has renamed this  Kick Em Queso.   A Mom is always a Mom.  I first had this in Seabrook, Washington.  My hilarious friend,  Mimi brought this to our pottery making class.   It was a hit then and is now. 


2 packages of Cream Cheese

1/2 lb. of Velveeta cheese (yep, the kind in the box)

I can of Rotel with Cilantro and Lime

1  lb. of sausage, browned  (use turkey sausage if you are feeling healthy)


Mix these ingredients and heat thoroughly.  I like to throw this in the crockpot  and let it simmer throughout a party.  Serve with tortilla chips or fritos.

I often leave out the sausage, depending on what else I am serving.

What do you think?