Buffalo Chicken Dip

If you are a wing lover, this one is for you.  The men in your life with love this hearty recipe.    Kelly and Josh introduced us to our favorite dip of 2009.  We continue to make it and it is always a crowd favorite.  Another great one for the crockpot. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip

2 pkgs cream cheese

1 bottle  Bleu Cheese dressing 

Shredded chicken (I use a rotisserie)

Frank’s Hot Sauce (buffalo wing sauce)–about 1/3 cup

grated cheddar cheese 

Tortilla chips and/or celery sticks


Place chicken in saucepan and pour hot sauce over chicken. Coat until red.  Add cream cheese and dressing.  Melt together.  Add grated cheese on top.  Place in a casserole dish in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degress. Or dust off your crock pot and cook in there.  We love it both ways.

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