White Trash Margaritas

My business partner Jeremy shared this recipe for a different margaritas. I hear people call them beer-garitas. I did make a couple tweaks to the recipe, and I thought they were really good and easy!

In a large glass pitcher, combine –

  • One can of frozen concentrated limeade (keep the can!)
  • One limeade can-full of 7up (Glad you kept the can? Oh, and I used Fresca)
  • One limeade can-full of blanco tequila (YES. A WHOLE CAN. I WANNA SEE “SURFACE TENSION” KEEPING IT IN.)
  • Two full bottles of cold Corona (we used Corona Light)
  • One shot of triple sec
  • Squeeze a fresh lime or two in there, then toss the whole thing in. Looks festive.

Stir, and serve over ice!

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