Ring Sandwich for a Crowd

I can’t believe this hasn’t been posted earlier. It’s a recipe I’ve made so many times, mainly because it’s so easy, includes Boursin cheese and is pretty because of the way you assemble the bread in a ring. I’ve put lots of things on it, so choose your own adventure!

2 Pillsbury Italian bread tubes
Olive oil
Italian, bagel or other seasoning

Plus any of these things to taste:
Deli turkey or ham
Salami or bacon
Roasted red peppers
Avocado (I mash up with a little salt and lime)

Remove the italian bread from the tubes, and pinch together to form a ring. Brush on a little olive oil and seasoning. Put some diagonal slices into the top of the dough if you’re feeling fancy. Cook according to package directions (on parchment so you don’t have to wash the pan) and let cool. 

Slice bread horizontally, spread with boursin on both sides (or avocado or pesto on one side), then pile on the ingredients. If serving later, cover with foil and put in warm oven. Maybe do lettuce and tomato on the side or add at the last minute.