On the Side

Vegetable Souffle

Looking for a great side dish for the holidays? A dear friend shared her fabulous find over Thanksgiving.  Thanks Kelly, vegetables never tasted so good.   The recipe comes from a Neiman Marcus Cookbook that was published in 1991. Enjoy!


1 ½ cups sharp cheese, grated

1 can (4 oz) chopped green chilies

2 cans (16 oz each) whole green beans, drained

2 cans (16 oz each) whole kernel corn, drained

Salt and pepper

½ pound Monterey Jack cheese slices

3 eggs

¾ cup sour cream


Grease a 3 quart casserole dish or 9×9 pan.  Layer ingredients in this order:  ½ cup cheddar cheese, ½ can chilies, ½ can green beans, ½ can corn, salt and pepper.  Repeat.  Add remaining ½ cup cheddar cheese on top.  Cover with slices of the Monterey Jack cheese.  Just before putting in the oven, beat eggs and sour cream together, pour over vegetables and sliced cheese.  Bake one hour at 350.  This may be frozen after baking.  Serves 12      





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