Cranberry Margaritas

I have have taste tested many margarita recipes.  Tough job, but someone has to do it.  Not too sweet, not to strong…just right.   Sandy served these at her holiday party and wowzers, it was a hit. Sandy jazzed it up by  floating cranberries and orange slices on top.   I follow the recipe exactly and it makes one very large pitcher of rockin ritas.   These may be served on the rocks or shaken in a martini shaker with ice.   Your friends will love you forever for serving these. 

Cranberry Margaritas

64 oz bottle of Cranberry Cocktail Juice
12 oz can of frozen limeade
2 cups tequila
1/2 c fresh lime juice (I cheated with Real Lime juice and it is aok)
1/4 c   orange liquor (triple sec works like a charm)

Garnish with fresh lime slices and cranberries


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