Summer Beer

Hungry Sisters can also find themselves thirsty.  Thank you Amy for sharing this recipe.  It is easy and refreshing.    Summer Beer can also be served in a punch bowl.  Beer in a punch bowl you ask?   Fill ice trays with Fresca and float in the bowl.   The possibilities are endless.  Experiment and let us know in the comment section of any variations you try with this great drink recipe.


12 oz. can of frozen lemonade (regular or raspberry)
1 can/bottle of beeer (she used Bud Light Lime)
12oz. of vodka  (she said she starts with about 7oz….or approx. half to 2/3 of the lemonade can….you can always add more)
12 oz. Fresca  (you could use Sprite if you prefer, but Fresca is more “citrus.”)   She actually used about 16oz…give or take
 Stir and serve over ice
 Serve in a clear lemonade pitcher. Floating raspberries and sliced lemons in the pitcheradds a special touch.

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